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    Memorable Tonight - Staff birthday special report
    Publisher:1 Date:2015/11/5 11:15:57 Hits:1779
        In order to enrich employees amateur life, enhance mutual understanding and cohesion within the company among employees, while 10 parts by employees to celebrate the birthday of the company, the company in October 26 18:30 held a "Hui-speed antenna in the company canteen October staff birthday celebration. " Exciting content throughout the evening, laughter again and again, constantly surprises, and achieved complete success.

    Under the auspices of the Department of Human Liu Yuhong, Liu Hui, the party kicked off in high enthusiasm cheers. Arrange a variety of birthday party games, birthday gift to a mysterious gift, cut the cake, birthday noodles, "music" gas steaming, minds and many other aspects. Stacked throughout the evening high tide, especially when we play the heart have a variety of exaggerated, funny performances to the scene laughter constantly, constantly exciting music very close, vivacious happy and peaceful atmosphere. Then together they sing the birthday song birthday, blow out the candles, cake, photo nostalgia ...... the venue form a sea of ??joy, long time can not quell.

    Hui speed obtained today an honor and every achievement, no not the Hui people united speed, the result of hard work; and Hui-speed take-off tomorrow inseparable from every employee for their dedication. Birthday for employees, although it is a small move, but devoted a company deeply caring staff situation, given love and enthusiasm will enhance employee play a positive role in promoting. Truth care sprinkling Pu Hui speed in every corner, Hui speed strong cohesion, will make people more united struggle Hui speed, create brilliant!

    Contributed by: Liu Hui

    The picture shows the outstanding team award