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    TD Integrated antenna project through scientific
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      June 1, 2011, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, and commissioned Dongguan Science and Technology Intermediary Association hosted, convened by the Dongguan City, Hui-speed antenna Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology jointly completed "TD electrical integration tune beautification antenna" scientific and technological achievements of the project appraisal. Identification Committee heard a technical summary report of the project and other related reports, reviewed the relevant material, inspect the scene, conducted question, after discussion, the formation of expert opinion as follows:

      1, assume the information units to provide complete project meets the requirements of scientific and technological achievements.

      2, the project for the TD-SCDMA network, the development of integrated base station power transfer beautification antenna products, independent design and development of the key components of the antenna: dual-polarized antenna element and electrically tunable phase shifters. Performance indicators in line with industry applications.

      3, innovative products, the main point of the project includes three aspects: 1) the use of advanced phase shifter technology to achieve a power transfer beam angle range up to 15 °; and 2) the use of horizontal and vertical servo system to achieve the two-dimensional beam adjustable; 3) TD-SCDMA antenna technology combined with landscaping to achieve the integration of TD-SCDMA base station power transfer beautification antenna.

      4, the project authorized eight utility model patents, patent appearance two, three applications for invention patents, utility model patents 5. He participated in the "mobile communication base station antenna with integrated landscaping technology" industry standards.

      5. The practical application of the project product Datang Mobile, China Mobile, reflecting the good, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

      The Committee of Experts agreed that the overall performance of the project to achieve the advanced level of similar products, agreed to be identified by scientific and technological achievements.

      The Committee of Experts also recommended the development of integrated base station as soon as suitable for TD-LTE network beautification antenna, to provide a good solution for the application of 4G network coverage.