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    Hui speed communication three new board listing
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          Hui speed communication three new board listing bell ceremony was held in Beijing
      At 15:00 on June 20th 2016 afternoon, the Guangdong-hui speed communication technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Hui-speed communications, stock code: 834 433) in Beijing Financial Street National SME share transfer system successfully hosted the three new board listing bell ceremony.

      Listing ceremony
      Speed  communication Hui Chen Hui, chairman, vice chairman Huang Zhimin carrying company directors, Mr. Branch in light Jiu Guang Zhan, director, general manager Li Kefu, company supervisors, Rui Dickson Investment Group Mr. Wang Yan, Dongguan Securities OTC Deputy General Manager of business unit Mr. HE Qing Jian, Secretary of the Board, Mr. Qiu Lehui bell and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony, witnessed Hui speed communication of this important milestone moment.

      Bell ceremony to participate in the leadership group photo
      Hui speed communication in three new board officially listed on December 2, 2015, by three new board listed companies more so to arrange the listing ceremony held recently. Hui speed communication as a domestic base station antenna system integration landscaping solutions leader in the domestic industry standard-setting unit, the landing three new board, officially entered the capital market, will further enhance the visibility and brand influence Hui-speed communications, while Hui speed communication but also for the future lay the foundation for further development.
      March 2016, the company announced the successful signing of the contract and $ 100 million. In the domestic market, the company in China Mobile, China Telecom, China Tower Group company won the bid to provide customers with a large number of excellent ground base station integrated solutions and services, it has been widely recognized by customers. Future, the company will always adhere to the speed-hui technology innovation, core technology development-oriented station, the base station integration and promote the integration of smart city, has become a core technology and intellectual resources of the city's innovation leader in the communications industry.